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What Causes Panic Attacks?

November 5th, 2007 ·

One of the hardest things for panic attack sufferers to deal with is the sporadic nature of their condition.  Panic attacks can seem to come out of nowhere, and this makes it a difficult condition to control.  But there are certain factors that are more likely to induce an attack.  Here are the most common contributors.

StressCauses of Panic Attacks
Stress affects the body in many ways, and for some people it can create unwanted psychological side effects.  This can include a surge in anxious thoughts, which can trigger a panic attack.  While it can be difficult to eliminate all the stress from our lives, learning effective techniques to manage it can control some of the side effects.

Unlike stress, which grows from pressures and deadlines, depression is a deep sadness that often develops slowly.  Since this condition leads to feelings of hopelessness and a lack of desire, victims of depression have trouble organizing their thoughts.  This feeling of not being able to control their life can lead to anxiety disorders and panic attacks.  Ultimately, a successful treatment of the depression will also alleviate these symptoms.

Everyone encounters situations in life that they would prefer to avoid, but for some people these situations can include everyday activities.  Fears of driving, flying, and crowded areas can become severe liabilities for certain people.  When encountered with these situations, their fears invoke a panic response from the brain, causing an attack.  Learning to control these fears is the only way to completely eliminate the psychological side effects.

Traumatic Event
Sometimes a life-changing event such as a car accident or loss of a loved one can trigger panic attacks.  Because these events are so emotionally taxing, the body sometimes responds with a panic response.  These episodes can occur only once or multiple times depending on how traumatic the experience was.  The best method of treatment in this case is to use coping strategies to overcome the grief involved with the event.

Panic attacks are essentially a natural warning sign used by the brain to communicate the possibility of danger.  Since a danger can be perceived in different ways to different people, there is no absolute diagnosis as to why they occur.  In most cases however they develop from an inherent fear or feeling of losing control.  The key to success for treating panic attacks is to first identify why they occur, followed by learning techniques to control them.

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