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Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Fast Cures for Panic Attacks

May 27th, 2008 ·

Cures for Panic AttacksThe last thing you want to do when in the midst of a panic attack is to have to search for a cure.  As your mind races and the anxiety rises, it can be difficult to read or search for a solution.  This is why patients who suffer from panic attacks should have a treatment option that is available whenever the situation arises.  Here are some fast-acting cures that can be used when panic strikes.  Not all of them will be suitable for everyone, but becoming familiar with a range of solutions is both comforting and efficient.

Patients who experience anxiety symptoms only a handful of times a year may be best served by a prescription for tranquilizers.  Medications such as Valium and Xanax work quickly to slow the body’s physical responses to anxiety.  While they are effective as a short term solution, their side effects and sustainability make them ineffective for reoccurring panic attacks.  Patients must think ahead before taking tranquilizers as they may not be able to drive or stay alert after consumption.

Breathing Techniques
The most commonly recommended therapy for panic attacks is the use of breathing techniques to calm the body and mind.  Slow repetitions of inhaling and exhaling are used in a number of medical fields to ease patient anxieties, but to be most effective they should be mastered prior to being needed.  This requires practice and coaching to insure proper technique and approach.  Breathing techniques do not have any side effects, but they can only be relied upon by patients who believe in their effectives and those who can focus on them while dealing with an attack.

Safe Place
Most patients who use self-help techniques to cope with their panic attacks designate a “safe place” where they are unaffected by anxiety.  This may be their home or a particular type of structure where they feel confident and secure.  Knowing that they can access this outlet when confronted with an attack can significantly reduce the symptoms.  This method can work as long as it integrates with normal daily activities.  However, it can lead to more severe attacks when access to the remedy is limited or unattainable.  It is best to use some sort of mental imagery as a safe place as opposed to a physical area that may not be available.

Offensive Strategies
One of the more aggressive cures to anxiety is the using visualization and positive adrenaline to drown out anxious thoughts.  Patients will literally push themselves beyond a panic attack by continuing through an activity that is known to trigger effects.  There is a belief that positive adrenaline will triumph over anxiety if the targeted goal can be achieved.  Thus, instead of avoiding a place that has once caused a panic episode, the patient will embrace the destination and push themselves to achieve their goal despite the negative possibilities.  This technique can be effective for those who are strong willed, but should only be attempted in the presence of a coach or support person who can help along the way.

Other Techniques
Combination strategies like Panic Away are becoming more popular with patients because of their convenience and long term effectiveness.  These treatments use a mix of physical techniques and behavioral modification to alleviate panic attacks just before they occur.  The physical moves provide an instant tension stress relief while the behavioral therapy prepares the mind to see the panic attack for the unwarranted bodily response it really is.  This multi-facet approach does not involve medication and so there are no side effects.

Having an instant cure for panic attacks is vital to overcoming them forever.  Each individual should identify a solution they can use to ease the onset of anxiety.  While it may not completely eliminate the feelings of fear and panic, being able to work through the situation makes beating anxiety much more attainable.

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