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Finding Effective Treatment for Your Panic Attacks

June 28th, 2007 ·

Panic attacks affect everyone differently, and there is no one form of treatment that will work for everyone.  This is why it is important to continue to experiment when you are trying to treat your own condition.

Breathing techniques are the most commonly recommended solution to panic attacks, but they don’t always work.  Severe episodes can make it hard to concentrate on anything and this makes it dificult to focus on breathing.  While it is good to be familiar with these techniques, don’t feel helpless if they don’t work for you.  Simply try another form of treatment.

Prescription medication offers a number of options to treat panic attacks. From tranquilizers to anxiety inhibitors there are many different products out there.  It is probably advised to try natural methods prior to jumping into medication therapy simply because each drug has a handful of side effects.  Your doctors will know what drugs best fit your scenario.

Outside of breathing techniques and prescription medication, there are also alternative treatments.  These are typically homeopathic therapies that focus on changing the way your mind and body interact.  Not only can they be effective, but they typically provide more of a long term solution than other treatments.  Users feel comfortable with them because they don’t come with the same side effects as medication, yet they are more powerful than relaxation methods.  One example of this form of treatment is the Panic Away Method.

No matter what treatment option you begin with, you should realize that it may not work.  This is not an indication of your weakness, but rather a simple compatibility issue.  Continue to try multiple therapies until you discover what works for you.

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