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Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Natural Treatment for Anxiety

March 14th, 2008 ·

As the number of people suffering from anxiety-related disorders has increased, so has the variety of treatment options.  Unfortunately each person handles anxiety differently which makes finding a cure complicated.  What works for some people may not work for others, creating a complex process of trial and error for the patient.  This is why many are opting for natural treatments free from the risks and side effects of medication.  After all, anxiety is a natural psychological reaction and thus should be treated delicately.girl-phone1.jpg

The Drawbacks of Medication
The pharmaceutical industry offers a number of anxiety medications that claim to eliminate and control unwanted anxiety.  They are typically broken up into tranquilizers and anti-depressants.  Tranquilizers are a short term solution that provides quick relief by lowering blood pressure and heart rate.  They often cause drowsiness and reduced sensitivity as side effects.  Anti-depressants are used to target the sadness and apathy that often induce panic attacks.  While some are effective in the right situations, they must be taken for months to produce the desired effect and the results are lost when the medication is stopped.

Curing Anxiety
The nature of anxiety disorders results in a compounding effect.  This means they tend to get worse over time as the body becomes more aware of their paralyzing symptoms.  As patients experience more panic attacks, they begin to fear the onset of an attack before it even happens.  This cycle can eventually consume their thoughts and lead to a life full of fear and worrying.   Unless one can “train their brain” to break this cycle there is a good chance that they will never overcome the symptoms.  But the use of medication only masks the problem.  Treatment must include mental exercises to change the way the body reacts to the signs of an upcoming attack.

The Goals of Natural Treatment
The most effective strategy for the natural treatment of anxiety has two parts.  First, techniques must be implemented to swiftly deal with the adrenaline rush of an attack.  The patient must have a defensive mechanism to calm themselves when the surge of anxiety begins.  The second tier of treatment aims for a long-term resolution.  This includes understanding why attacks happen and teaching the brain how to appropriately respond to trigger situations.  This portion of the treatment can take time to master, but the result is a permanent solution to anxious thoughts and behavior.

Step-by-Step Advice
The Panic Away Method is the most effective natural solution for stopping anxiety attacks in both the short-term and long-term.  With a combination of fast acting relief techniques and training exercises for changing the way the brain understands anxiety, it is a comprehensive treatment plan for overcoming this debilitating disorder.  And since it does not involve the use of drugs or supplements, there are no side effects involved.

Anxiety is a natural reaction to situations that the body recognizes as dangerous.  What happens with anxiety disorders is that the brain misinterprets safe situations as unsafe.  The longer this behavior goes untreated the more prevalent it becomes.  Panic Away is effective because it brings instant relief to anxiety attacks while correcting the way the individual approaches risk activities.  The end result is healthy psychological state that processes information as it was intended.

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