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Curing Panic Attacks without Drugs

April 9th, 2008 ·

The evolution of medical science has produced some wonderful developments over recent years, which has in turn increased the demand for prescription treatments for all types of illnesses.  Anxiety and panic disorders are included in this mix, and several pharmaceutical companies have released medications to treat these conditions.  But many people wonder how necessary it is to use medication to alleviate what many consider to be a “learned response”.Cure Panic Attack without Medication

In psychology circles, a learned response or behavior is something that occurs over time as your body and mind become familiar with certain situations.  Anxiety and panic attacks fall into this category when a person begins to fear circumstances that do not normally incite feelings of panic.  A typical panic attack patient experiences their first episode in response to a stressful or overwhelming situation.  But it is how the patient deals with this initial incident that determines whether or not long-term issues will develop.

Because panic attacks are stressful and frightening to go through, it is not uncommon for patients to fear the onset of subsequent attacks.  They begin to feel that they cannot control their body’s response system, which leads to an underlying fear of having a panic attack at any moment.  Whenever the slightest indicators of an oncoming attack begin, they tend to overreact to the stimulus, resulting in full-blown episode.  Because this scenario can repeat itself numerous times in a year, month, or even day, failure to treat the symptoms can produce debilitating anxiety-related disorders.

Since it is the patient who typically compounds their own panic attacks with a persistent fear of having them, it is reasonable to assume that this behavior pattern can be broken with proper treatment.  While anxiety medications can provide relief from symptoms, they are merely a masking agent for a much larger problem.  Until the patient can learn to cope with anxious feelings on their own, they will always be reliant on prescription drugs to help them.  This is why many would prefer to cure panic attacks without the use of medication.

The Panic Away Method is one of the most effective ways to control anxious thoughts without drugs.  It teaches the patient how to stop panic attacks in the early stages with a unique physical technique that eliminates side effects such as dizziness and rapid pulse.  This technique is combined with several long-term strategies for changing how one approaches panic inducing situations to minimize trigger factors.

By using a natural based treatment strategy like Panic Away, it is possible to cure panic attacks without prescription medication.  And because it aims to correct the learned responses that are the core of the disorder, this treatment serves as a constant relief option that can be revisited whenever anxious thoughts or feelings occur.

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