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When Anxiety Becomes Unhealthy

June 25th, 2007 ·

Anxiety is its purest form is a natural reaction to perceived danger or stress.  It occurs as a defensive mechanism to warn you of potential problems.  But when does anxiety become more than what it was intended to be?

There are many examples of occurrences that are likely to spawn long-term anxiety issues.  Panic attacks, loss of a loved one, and prolonged stress can all increase the baseline level of your anxiety.  The difference for some people is the fact that they cannot return to their pre-event levels.  They become obsessed with worry or despair. The primary indicator of a long-term anxiety issue is when the person alters their normal behavior to accommodate unrealistic fears.  This could be as simple as not returning to a specific place, or as complicated as becoming imprisoned by their fears.  Either way, recognizing the fact that anxiety has changed your normal behavior is an easy way to determine how serious your condition is.
If you find yourself repeatedly avoiding certain situations or activities, then it is likely that your anxiety has grown into a more serious condition.  It is important to break this cycle immediately in order to avoid further degeneration.  Seeking therapy through a professional, or with a resource such as Panic Away, can help to identify the cause of your anxieties while learning how to overcome them.

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