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Symptoms and Side Effects of Panic Disorder

October 18th, 2008 ·

Most people are familiar with the concept of panic attacks, which are sudden bursts of uncontrollable fear and anxiety that lead to unwanted physical effects like rapid heart rate.  But for some people anxiety plays a much larger role in their life.  

Panic disorder is a medical condition where a person feels nervous or anxious across multiple situations.  Depending on the severity of the case, they might even feel anxious all the time for unexplained reasons.  Even the simplest tasks such as driving or leaving their home can evoke feelings of danger and panic.  As more and more activities become associated with anxious thoughts, the patient can begin to feel insecure in all aspects of their daily life.

The most common symptom of panic disorder is of course panic attacks, but there are other common symptoms that can appear.  Dizziness in stressful situations, feeling faint, and even muscle spasms are commonly reported side effects.  Some patients even experience derealization, where they feel out of touch with the world around them.  All of these side effects evolve from a fear of panic attacks.  As the mind becomes more aware of environmental factors that trigger a panic episode it begins to displace that fear into other physiological signals.

Because panic disorder can morph into more complex symptoms, it is important to treat the disorder as early as possible.  The longer a patient goes without treatment the more the brain begins to produce alternative signals.  Some long term suffers can even go months without a full blown panic attack, but there lives are still filled with other anxiety-related symptoms.  As the patient struggles to identify “safe places” where they are not stricken with anxiety, the scope of their daily activities becomes much more limited.

Rebuilding confidence in one’s mental capabilities is the most important part of treating panic disorder.  Understanding that anxious feelings are normal occurrences that can be managed is the key to success.  This requires the use of coping strategies, whether with medication or psychological training techniques like those found in Panic Away.  Once the patient masters a coping technique, they will slowly build the confidence required to take the next steps in their recovery from panic disorder.

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